Featuring One of a Kind Handpainted Neon Pineapple Crop Top Shirts Made by thriftalina for Pop Wildlife!

"A Pineapple a Day Keeps the Worries Away"

 "Love is like a Pineapple, Sweet & Undefinable"   

 "In a World Full of Apples, Be a Pineapple"  


"You are the Pineapple of my Eye"  


"When Life Hands you Pineapples, Make Pina-Coladas!" 


"That awkward moment when you thought Pineapples grew on Trees"  


"If You Were a Tropical Fruit, You'd Be a Fineapple" 

 "Be a Pineapple: Stand Tall, Wear a Crown and Be Sweet on the Inside"  

 "Keep Calm and Eat a Pineapple"  

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:credits: Fashion Tops by Angelina Rose ~thriftalina~ for Pop Wildlife 

:models: Samantha & Breezy

:photos/styling/creative:Angelina Rose//Savvy Creative Collective 

© 2016/2017